About the Company

Argus Welding Services (AWS) - a leading international team of experts in automatic welding of pipelines.

Our expertise

  • We provide Automatic Welding Systems and Stuff on lease.
  • We develop solutions on improvement of productivity and welding works quality.
  • We develop new welding technologies and products to match existing conditions and requirements at the production site.

Why AWS?

We started our business from a small group of technicians and now we are one of the leading companies in the industry. Today, Argus Welding Services Argus Welding Servicehas got:

  • its own automatic welding technologies;
  • world-wide experience;
  • a big portfolio of successfully implemented projects;
  • highly-skilled technicians with a long standing experience for decades;
  • an approach of cooperation with a Client for optimal solution of the problem;

Putting trust in us, you may not worry about the quality of welding.
Argus Welding Service (AWS). Our competence is your success.

Global expertise:

Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, France, Algeria, Iraq, UAE, China, India